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Why explore your life history during career coaching?

Reflecting and articulating your life story can lead to insights, rich meaning and unification of events that seemed disparate until retelling the story. Your past experiences give clues to your motives, abilities, values, interests and character strengths. The way you decide to organise, retell and sequence your story unifies your life story and describes possible development pathways. This […]

Join the strengths challenge

Want to be more confident, energized and happy at work? Join the free one-week Strengths Challenge and find out how just 11-minutes of doing what you do best each day can make all the difference in your job. Starting Monday 8th February, Michelle McQuaid, the VIA Institute and Live Happy will help you discover your […]

Adapting to change

Without change survival would be impossible. You don’t have to like all aspects of change and often there are disadvantages or even teething problems with some change but there could be useful or interesting benefits as well. New opportunities may arise out of a change in employment, or a change in leadership, a change to technology in your organisation. Stay flexible […]